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New Sportscenter Set

For any sports fans out there, Sportscenter will be unveiling a new set later this year. As you’ll see in the video in the following link, it’s an absolutely beautiful sight to see. There are several new areas for interviews, broadcasts, and television and touch screens galore throughout its entirety. Personally, I really think this is going to be awesome to see. I’m most curious to see how they incorporate and use the many layered television screen located toward the back of the first set, near the divider. I’m going to be tuning in to Sportscenter quite a bit as football season gets rolling, so I’ll post when I check it out. Have a look for yourselves:


Community to Feature Breaking Bad Star

Following the forgettable Dan Harmon-less Season 4, Community returns this winter with a new role played by Emmy-nominated, Breaking Bad hitman Jonathan Banks. Thats right, Mike from Breaking Bad is slotted to play, “Pat Nichols, an intense criminology professor with a mysterious background in military and police work.”

Say hello to Greendales Professor of Criminology, Pat Nichols (Image by:

Say hello to Greendales Professor of Criminology, Pat Nichols
(Image by:

He will be introduce in episode two when Annie enrolls in his criminology class. Banks has been cast in 11/13 episodes for Season 5. Needless to say, he’s going to have a meaningful presence this season.

Thank the TV Gods for returning us to Greendale via Dan Harmon this season (Image by:

Thank the TV Gods for returning us to Greendale via Dan Harmon this season
(Image by:

Hopefully Banks is able to bring something new and fresh to the table considering Donald Glover and Chevy Chase won’t be reprising their usual, weighty roles as Troy Barnes and Pierce Hawthorne.

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Preview

Boardwalk Empire: Season Four is set to air on Sunday, September 8th. The Season Three finale left we, the viewers, with a plethora of unanswered questions. Today, I am able to share with you answers to some of those questions. Following the Season Three massacre of Gyp Rosetti’s men at the hands of Chalky White and Al Capone, we find Chalky and Nucky at the helm of a new club on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Cue the Jazz Music. Season Four is set in February, 1924, which is arguably the timeline genesis of the Jazz Era. Trouble isn’t far behind as Valentin Narcisse, Doctor of Divinity and Head of Harlem, enter the equation. Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright) aims to wheel and deal with Nucky stating that, “Only Kings understand one another.” It will be interesting to see a new figure of African American power enter the series. Will Narcisse’s entry put a strain on Chalky and Nucky’s longtime relationship?

Chalky White (left) and Dr. Valentin Narcisse
(Image by: HBO)

Speaking of strained relationships, Season Three ended with Margaret shutting the door on Nucky’s proposal for a life in which the two need not “pretend with one another”. I can’t say I blame Margaret for the harsh sentiment. After all, Nucky did have the audacity to forgive her affair with Owen, but conveniently forewent an apology of his own after mistakenly confusing Margaret with his then mistress Lillian Kent. Is this the final demise of the business-savvy power couple or is Margaret simply holding out for a much deserved apology?

Margaret’s wide-eyed wedding kiss highlights her weary skepticism
(Image by:

Lonely and abandoned, Nucky lives on the outskirts of the boardwalk in the Albatross Hotel. The sign cleverly reads “Transients Welcome”. Is this a suggestion that Nucky’s rise to the top will happen as quickly as his descent? Somehow I don’t see him moping around a dingy hotel room for far too long. Time will tell how long the King of the Boardwalk can manage to reside in a shameful, self-imposed exile.

Richard Harrow, lost soul and scarred veteran, finds himself drifting to parts unknown after his heroic raid of Gillian Darmody’s Artemis Club. After saving Jimmy Darmody’s son, Tommy, Richard journeys traveled to the home of veteran Paul Sagorsky. Once there, he parted with Tommy, entrusting his girlfriend Julia to protect the child. I hope Season Three wasn’t the end of Richard and Julia. In a show teeming with adulterous shenanigans, the innocent couple was a breath of fresh air and a semblance of genuine affection.

Richard and Julia share a kiss at The Veterans' Legion Party (Image by:

Richard and Julia share a kiss at The Veterans’ Legion Party
(Image by:

Perhaps Richard’s absence will provide an in for Gillian to regain control of her grandson, Tommy. Although considering her subsequent heroine addiction after her bout with Gyp Rosetti, I’m not sure family is her number one priority.

Al Capone and his gang of Chicago Cronies continues to grow. After shipping his brothers up from Brooklyn, the infamous gangster gains control of Cicero, Illinois. There his rivalry with Dean O’Banion heats up in what are known as the brutal Chicago Bootlegging Wars. Caught in the center of these wars is Nelson Van Alden. I’m curious to see if the ex-prohi’s moral descent continues through the entirety of Season Four.

Following Nucky’s quick deals with Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon and Philly-born Gangster Mickey Doyle concerning the Old Overholt Distillery, will we see the demise of Arnold Rothstein at the hands of Esther Randolph? Will “Lucky” Luciano and Meyer Lansky get caught up in the mix? What’s to become of Joe Mazzeria? But most importantly, will the Boss of the Boardwalk defy the odds in his vintage, cunning fashion?

Tune in to HBO on Sunday, September 8th. Check back here for my review of Season Four, Episode 1.

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