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PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

Heads up, Oculus Rift, you’ve got some competition. Rumor has it Sony’s working on a brand-new virtual reality headset to rival the Oculus Rift. The two headsets aim to make fully immersive, 3D gaming a reality.

Slick LED lighting makes this headset look incredible and exciting. Model is subject to change upon release  (Image by:

Slick LED lighting makes this headset look incredible and exciting. Model is subject to change upon release.
(Image by:


Here’s an article from IGN with more information. Click Here. What do you think about virtual reality immersion? Here’s to surpassing the abilities of Nintendo’s ’95 Virtual Boy and making open-world, 3D gaming no longer an idea of the future, but a worldwide presence.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Dream Big

One of the biggest and best games released this past year was Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Animal Crossing is a relaxing life-simulation game where you gather everything from bugs, to fossils, to sunglasses. New Leaf is arguably the greatest in the series because you can customize your town in addition to your houses. Players have gotten pretty crazy and imaginative with this freedom, and if you own the game (which you definitely should), you can visit any town once you build the Dream Suit. Every town has its own Dream Address so I would like to share some of my favorites that I have found so far. (Shameless plug: my address is 4400-2152-0842… Don’t judge too hard, it’s a work in progress. Now on to the real list.)


Aika (horror village) – Address: 2600-0218-7298

This is perhaps the most famous village. And deservingly so. Aika tells the story of a girl and her doll. You get to watch as her life spirals out of control. The town is set at 4 am, which creates a very spooky vibe. I don’t want to ruin the story and I want you to make your own conclusions, but be sure to visit the four houses in the designated order and explore each room from various angles.


Boondox – Address: 3400-0122-8262

This Japanese town is based off of Boondox from Animal Crossing: Wild World. Boondox was an impoverished town that you could donate to, and eventually becomes a thriving metropolis. The layout of the town is awesome. Patterns are used to create paths and elaborate roads. It really does look like a city. The houses aren’t too shabby either, and have a relaxing vibe.


Cherry Blossom Town – Address: 2900-0395-5809

This town is absolutely beautiful! The cherry blossoms are in full swing and petals fly around everywhere. The town feels like one, giant Zen garden. It makes me sad that this place isn’t real, because it is such a calm and uplifting area. Also, be sure to check out the houses. There are some interesting rooms.


Hoenn – Address: 5700-2506-3500

Yup, this is indeed the Hoenn from the Pokémon Universe. This is the best way to revisit the third generation of Pokémon on your 3DS (until we get Ruby and Sapphire remakes. I hope). Designs are used on the ground again to create water and tall grass. There are adorable cutouts of the three starters for you to pose with. Additionally, the houses are all themed. There is a lab, a bike store, a PokeCenter and a PokeMart. Be sure to check them out.


Do you know any other great Dream Addresses to add to this list? Or would you like to share your own? Let me know in the comments!

Dead Rising 2 Full Review

Hello, gamers! So last month with the Games with Gold program, Xbox Live offered Dead Rising 2 for free. At least we can all say they got it right with one game for this.

Dead Rising 2 was originally released in September 2010, a follow up to the much acclaimed and reviewer loved Dead Rising. I played the original and while I did like the game,


I felt there were some issues in the gameplay. The combat was pretty rough; controls were gimicky, the character was sometimes hard to control, and weapons were scarce and weak. It was a game where I felt it was too difficult: not in the sense that I had trouble figuring out puzzles or something, but in that the game was made to be impossibly difficult unless you knew 100% what to do. I felt a lot of this was fixed in Dead Rising 2.

To sum it up with as few spoilers as possible (I’m only going to discuss things from the opening cutscene, so relax everybody), you play as Chuck Green, a motorcylcist doubling as a zombie killer for the TV show Terror is Reality to make money. Then, all of a sudden, there is a zombie outbreak, and you have to rush off to a safehouse. You have to survive 72 hours before the military arrives, so in the meantime, you venture throughout Fortune City, a city based on the city of sins, Las Vegas, weaving through 98 stores, food courts, and casinos galore. Most objects are weapons, ranging from sports equipment to wheelchairs to purses. You save humans that are alive (survivors) either from their own fear or from psychopaths, humans who have gone insane because of the circumstances. While the plot is simple, it’s really unnecessary. Anyone who played or heard of the original just wanted to dive into the gameplay, so I’m happy the plot didn’t take over the game.


  • Replayability is fantastic. I still haven’t finished my first run and I already have planned out what I want to do instead in my next run. I believe there are harder difficulties too where the time for the military to come is extended.
  • Achievements are incredibly difficult as well, giving this game a new meaning to ‘earning gamerscore’.
  • Most of the environment is interactive.
  • Weapons availability is greatly increased from the last game; you are never too far from weapons or health, making it really playable but still tough.
  • Bosses are creepy as hell and difficult.
  • Lots of hidden items, unlockables of sorts, and easter eggs.


  • Combat is often gimicky and difficult until you get to a high level.
  • Psychopaths sometimes seem “broken” in the sense that they are just way too powerful.
  • Characters sometimes feel too fake, too artificial. *While I hold that the plot shouldn’t be made too important, the characters could’ve been less fake*
  • AI survivors are often stupid and incapable. While understandable, it does get a bit annoying.
  • Lots of the hidden items and unlockables are too hard to discover with thousands of zombies around.
  • Some achievements, in my opinion, are simply impossible without hours upon hours upon hours of time.

Final Grade: B-B+

I give this game a range for a reason. I am not a zombie person and still love this game. If you like the game and do like zombies, you probably will give it a B+ or possibly even an A. I am somewhere between B-B+ because while the game is so addicting and fun, the combat/difficult sometimes draw it back. Therefore, it falls in between. I think it’s one of the better games I’ve played recently and if you have the chance, still go out and buy it now that it is no longer free. It is well worth the money.


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