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Warning: New Challenger Approaching

Princess Peach has been added to the Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS roster. Check out this article at IGN for more information. New Challenger Approaching

Peach in Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

Here’s to using innocent, helpless Toad to fend off on-coming assaults!


iPhone 5C: New Release coming September 20th

On September 10th, Apple Inc. will officially introduce two new iPhone models. The iPhone 5S will be the new high end phone and the iPhone 5C will be a “budget iPhone” of sorts.

The rumored release date is September 20th.

Some things to look forward to on September 10th: choice of color, the specs of the iPhone 5C, its new plastic body rather than the iPhone 5 anodized aluminum body, and the price tag.

For a full article discussing the differences and things to look forward to on the official release dates, check out’s article below:

GTA V’s leaked soundtrack?

Through my Twitter friends and some views through reddit, I discovered that the GTA V soundtrack has apparently been leaked. Details of it below:

Hard to tell if it’s official but it’s apparently from a GTA V video or audio leak of some sort and somebody took the time to mark down all the tracks. A quick glance through any station and there are tons of great hits… just as we all expected.

Another great peak into what will be the game of the century. Stay tuned for more news about GTA V, gamers. 

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