From its infancy, Masahiro Sakurai’s Super Smash Bros franchise has broken barriers that no four player, local fighting game has ever challenged. It’s roots clearly stem from the same baseline concept as the Mortal Kombat and Tekken Series. SSB now has cross-console competition with the newer Playstation All-Stars. I’ve always appreciated the selectivity of Nintendo when it comes to each SSB character rosters. However, after recently playing Tekken: Tag Tournament 2, my appreciation kind of diminished. What is it about Super Smash Bros that I love so much? Is it the character selection? The stage variety? The gameplay? Quite honestly, for me, it’s the character selection (provided it doesn’t consist of shameless clone fighters). Every time the iconic “New Challanger Approaching” screen pops up, I get beyond psyched. So when I read that Sakurai’s feelings toward character selection wavered “almost to the brink of death”, I felt a little more than discouraged.

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What Super Smash Bros can learn from Tekken: Tag Tournament 2 is that a high volume character selection does not dilute gameplay or player skill-level. If anything, it provides players with a wider range of selection to hone different methods of fighting tactics. The larger character roster would also foster a bigger stage selection, which would be an added bonus. I understand that the creation of games like this takes time to develop, but what about the possibility of downloadable content? If there was ever a Nintendo franchise that would benefit from some solid DC, its Super Smash Bros. This would give us the ability to choose whether or not we prefer a depthless chart of playable characters or a concise number of brawling superstars. All in all, the takeaway is that with everything Sakurai has said about reducing roster size and eliminating characters, all we can hope for is a diverse cast of new fighters or a downloadable bank brimming with desirable characters.

Do you think we’ll see downloadable content in SSB: Wii U or 3DS? Have a character prediction you’d like me to forecast for the upcoming installment? Please, leave a comment!